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1 Month Result Rhipsalis plant propagation | Propagate Rhipsalis campos-Portoana with the Cuttings

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Hi everyone.

Welcome to my blog post.

Today plant for plant diary is the Rhipsalis plant...!

for someone who is not familiar with this plant,

this plant botanical name is Rhipsalis campos-Portoana which is often called Rhipsalis, Rhipsalis campos portoana, jungle cactus, or jungle cacti.

So far, what I feel like is, this isn't a commonly known indoor plant but it is a great easy care indoor plant that requires low maintenance.

The Rhipsalis varieties have different shapes of foliage. some of them are trails long with hairy-looking foliage, on the other hand others are short and thicker foliage. however, This rhipsalis campos portoana plant has long hairy-looking, dark green foliage which trailing long.

For Rhipsalis campos-portoana care, I generally keep them in bright to medium light conditions and water around once in 10days to 14days (depends on the season) regularly.

I do have one Rhipsalis campos-portoana plant. I personally like it a lot because its long trailing foliage adds an aesthetic mood to my home. About a month ago, I noticed my Rhipsalis plant has been grown so much and I felt like time to give trimming to encourage new shoots and make it fuller.

after trimming the plant, I wanted to try Rhipsalis plant propagation with the cuttings. I've done Rhipsalis campos-portoana propagation with dividing before, but It was my first attempt that propagates with Rhipsalis cuttings.

However, I felt like I can do it because when I see the cuttings I could see there are some roots coming out from the nodes.

What I did for propagate Rhipsalis campos-Portoana,

I prepared Peat moss, small plastic pots,s, and cuttings that have been cut into smaller pieces and callus. In general, moss absorb and hold moist well, and also peat moss has very fine particles, so I thought it will give a big help to root the Rhipsalis cutting

I simply filled the pot with peat moss, make it moist with spray, and on top place the Rhipsalis plant cutting with placing the root toward the soil.

To encourage to root, I place it in medium light condition (I thought if I place on bright room, it might cause drying of cutting before root out) and sprayed the moss once in 1~2days.

if you want to know more detail how I did, check out my video that I film when I propagate Rhipsalis Plant

And yes. this is the result after a month.

Some of the cutting looks slightly dried compare to the beginning, but great thing is, it has been rooted on the soil...!!! (when I lift the cutting gently, I could see the cuttings hold the moss with its root)

I was pretty happy with the result because It was my first attempt of Rhipsalis campos-portoana propagation with cuttings. But I found a thing to fix... the soil.

As I mentioned on top, I used the Peat moss as soil to propagate because I thought it will absorb and hold water well, and help the cuttings to encourage rooting. but I noticed that when water on the cutting, even though it has been 1hour, the excessive water wasn't drained easily, and not the worse is it wasn't even easy to make wet under the root.

So, to give better conditions to my cuttings, I thought it would be better to replace the soil which I mixed some potting mix and perlite. I gently flip the pot, took out the established area of cutting with moss ball, and put it on top of new soil in the pot.

Hope this time as well the cuttings propagation works well,

and Ill bring the follow-up post about in a month :)

Thank you

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