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Syngonium podopyllum Pink - How to care

Syngonium Podopyllum "Pink" which is commonly called as Syngonium Pink is compact and growing trail plant.

When the plant is young, the foliage is heart shape and growing more compact, but once it starts grow bigger, the foliage turns to arrow shape (which made this plant called Pink arrow plant ) and makes trail.

How to care Arrowhead plant

- Light : Mostly this plant loves to be on the bright area. however, the direct sun could burn the foliage, so give them a filtered light or part shade position. (mostly filtered light would be great such as close to window)

* However, if your pink arrow

head plant get more sun, its foliage will turn more green. so, if you love to see beautiful pink color arrowhead plant, keep it on more shady spot :)

- Temperature : mostly prefer to be on warm climate. it can handle bit of cooler temperature, but suggest to not place them below 15C

- Moist : they love to be in humidity area so, if you are growing at home, misting on the foliage would make them extra happy.

- Water : During the warmer season which the plant grows actively, once a week watering is good, but cooler season, you can give them less watering like once in 10 days. try to keep the soil moist, but careful not them to sit on water.

How to decorate

Pink Arrowhead plant can be used in various way to decorate home.

but for me, I generally put them in a white or black modern style pot to maximize the color contrast and place on the shelves or table.

when the plant is immature, it will be grows more upright compact habit, so will be looks nice on the table, but, once it starts trailing, you can easily put the pot on macarame rope and enjoy.

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