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Thai constellation Monstera browning Spots Monstera thai constellation brown spots Prevent Challenge

Thai constellation Monstera browning Spots Monstera thai constellation brown spots Prevent Challenge

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog post.

Today plant for plant diary is one of the most popular indoor plants, variegated monstera _ Monstera Thai Constellation :)

Even though I love the simple green color Monstera because it does feel natural and aesthetic, but I have to admit that I'm being fascinated with this variegated monstera thai constellation as well.

This is the first variegated Indoor plant that I purchased about one year ago. At that time, it was about 30~40cm tall, but now every month, it unfurls 30~40cm size foliage :)

My Monstera Thai Constellation 1 year Before and After

I've been tried my best to stop this monstera thai constellation brown spots. I always used water that had sat outside for at least 1 day, placed the plant quite far away from the window to prevent foliage burn, and etc...

I think it helped my thai constellation monstera browning tips but I felt like I'm still missing the main key of thai constellation browning

A few days ago, I found one blog post that dealing with variegated plant browning spots . The post was arguing that the monstera browning leaves might result from watering and drainage. The idea was quite acceptable for me because I saw the plant foliage becomes browning or darker(in color-wise being black) when it sat on damp soil for long.

Variegated Monstera browning foliage

and this is my Variegated Monstera browning foliage. if you see the second and third picture, the browning is not happening all at once, but it happens like spreading stage by stage(?), and also sort of looks like the ink is spread on the paper.

For that reason, I felt like one of the main reasons for monstera thai constellation brown spots are from water and drainage, so decided to change the soil.

This was the original soil that my variegated monstera was planted. It was just potting mix, it has several chunks and looks pretty much okay to use it.

However, my Monstera leaves were constantly turning brown in that soil (under the condition that browning foliage was affected by drainage or moist on the soil), I decided to transfer the soil and repotting monstera.

This is what I used to make this time potting mix. the materials are;

  • Orchid bark

  • Charcoal

  • Perlite

  • Coco Peat

The ratio that I mixed was Orchid bark : Perlite : Charcoal : Coco Peat = 2.5 : 2.5 : 1 : 1

I added more perlite and Orchid bark to increase the water drainage.

After prepared the new potting mix, I removed the old soil and repotted my variegated monstera with the new potting mix.

I'm not sure how it turns out but I'll keep update here :)

Thank you

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