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How to Make your Own Planter box with Wood? | Wooden planter box DIY

How to make Wooden Planter Box?

Hi everyone..! this is favourgreen

I occasionally make wooden planter box to make modern style succulent planter or herb planter. I think these are looks pretty amazing and maybe someone also want to try one day, so I'm planning to upload how I make succulent planter or other works.

but, before that, obviously we need to know how to make wooden planter box. right?

so, I'd like to share how I make modern style wooden planter box in two post.

then, lets start from the beginning..!

Wooden planter box Material & Equipment

  • Wood board ( I used pine board from Bunnings)

  • Rust free screw

  • Impact or screw driver

  • Drill & 2 drill bits (1 x slightly smaller then screw, 1x same size with screw head)

  • 2 x Clamp

  • Sand paper

  • Drop saw or hand saw

  • Pencil

  • tape measure

  • Rafter Square

1. Measure, mark and cut wood board

first think first, the planter box size that I'm planning to make is roughly 500mm x 130mm x 90mm. Of course you can customize the planter size as you want, but in this article, I'll write down the post as that size.

so, to make planter box, we need 5 piece of wood board. 3 of 460mm x 90mm and 2 of 130mm x 90mm. (the original wood board was 1.2m length and 90mm x 10mm size)

with tape measure, mark the 460mm and 130mm, make line with using Rafter square, and cut with saw.

2. Place wood board as the planter box shape.

if you cut all the pieces place one long board for bottom, and left two for side by side for the wall, put the left over small pieces on top and bottom and with clamped it to fix the wood pieces.

3. Drill the wood board for all sides planter box

if you are skillful, you may don't need to do this step. but if you are not, try to make whole before you put the screw in on timber board.

with bigger drill bit, make a whole slightly on the each corner of the board to put screw in the boards.

and then, with small screw bits, make screw whole as deep as screw length

the reason for doing this is, when we put screws on the board, sometimes wood boards are cracking. and if you make whole for screw first, you can prevent this happening.

4. Put the screws on all sides of the planter box

Now, with screwdriver or impact, put all screws in. at that time, make sure your clamp is holding the wood board well, so all surface can be flat.

5. Do repeat 3 and 4 steps to fix the bottom of the Planter box

the last step for today, on the side by side, make 3 screw wholes each and put screw in like you just did.

Done..! congratulation..! you just made one wooden planter box for yourself..!

if you like the wood feeling, you can use as it is after put coating, but next time, we will make it more modern style with painting, filling up the gaps, and sanding.

thank you for reading the article, and if you want to watch whole process of making planter box, click the bottom image.

Thank you..!


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