Unique pattern, Air purifying, and easy care indoor plant... Sanseviera hahnii


Sanseviera which is commonly called a snake plant, mother in law tongue plant is Great Purifying air, Easy care, and great indoor plants for plants beginner. It has an attractive zebra pattern on the foliage and grows compact.

as the foliage store the water itself, doesn't need often watering.





Light: Bright to Low light, it will perform well in most light conditions. but avoid the direct sunlight and put a little away from the window.


Water: We generally give water once in 2~3 weeks, but let the top inch soil slightly dry between watering.




Our snake plant is about 10~15cm tall from the top of the soil and has a couple of stems that will consistently grow at your place.

The snake plant is potted in 125mm nursery pot.



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Sanseviera hahnii

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